Sunday, February 14, 2016

Thoughts on Deadpool

So I ended up seeing Deadpool. Twice actually. lol Great movie.Very Funny. Unlike Zoolander 2 which was terrible and hurt my soul.

I don't want to give anything away but Jacksonville was mentioned like 3 joking...for probably terrible reasons...but I still thought it was extremely awesome. Other than Jacksonville jokes the movie is hilarious, Ryan Reynolds stars in the title role of Deadpool and nails it. If you are unfamilar with the character, Deadpool he from Marvel comics, has a similar healing ability to the more well-known character from X-men: Wolverine. Except he's really funny and really violent. I mean Wolverine is violent but in a PG-13 sort of violence. Deadpool is more rated R with blood and stuff. And his brand of humor is pretty crude. However the movie never comes off as cynical or mean spirited. The guy is pretty much invincible and can do whatever he wants.

Very nice Russian big metal guy Colossus and goth teen Negasonic Teenage Witch, both from the X-Men tag along to help mister Deadpool save his girlfriend and try to get him to join the X-men. Both characters provide a nice Foil to the antics of Deadpool.

None feeling British badguy Ajax isn't a very memorable villian but he doesn't need to be. This really isn't about him.

Anywho, great movie. Go see it. I don't think I've laugh as much in a movie theater since Borat. It's just as raunchy and probably more you probably do not want to see it with your kids......and don't see Zoolander 2...not as bad as Anchorman 2....but bad. Deadpool.

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